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Sarkodie will not perform at Olympics opening – DJ Mensah


Ghanaian disc jockey and event promoter DJ Mensah, who serves as the official DJ for Africa’s most decorated rapper Sarkodie, has recently made headlines with announcements about their upcoming performances.

In a recent interview on Asaase radio, Mensah shared that they had several upcoming performances scheduled. These include an appearance at the “opening” of the 2024 Olympics in Paris and another event in the United States. Additionally, he mentioned his participation in Ghanafest, an upcoming event in Canada that is similar to the ‘Ghana Party in the Park’ held in the United Kingdom.


However, after the reports went viral, DJ Mensah took to Twitter to clarify his statements: “Let me clarify this before I’m misinterpreted: There ‘MIGHT’ be an event in Paris around the same time the Olympics is happening, but it’s *NOT* during the opening ceremony. This is to provide more clarification on what is circulating.”


His tweet aimed to correct the misunderstanding and provide accurate details about their upcoming schedule.


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