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Ghana’s Chef Smith is new world cook-a-thon record holder


Ghanaian Chef Ebenezer Smith popularly known as Chef Smith currently holds the bragging rights as the reigning Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, clocking an impressive 802 hours and 25 minutes.

Chef Smith is currently preparing for a press conference at the La Palm Beach Hotel to officially announce the good news.

However, a banner at the entrance of the conference room where the announcement will be taking place gives patrons an insight into what will be happening in few hours.

The banner reads: Press Conference. Unveiling the New World Cook-a-thon Record Holder. Millenium Chef Smith from Ghana with an incredible 802 hours, 25 minutes to dethrone Irish King, Alan Fisher.”

Chef Smith began his cook-a-thon journey on February 1, aiming to surpass the current record. Although he initially aimed for 1200 hours, he successfully cooked for 820 hours, ending his marathon on March 6


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