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Rap ‘Beefs’ Boosted My Career, No Regrets -Amerado


Ghanaian Rapper, Amerado, born Derrick Sarfo Kantanka has credited rap ‘beefs’ for significantly advancing his music career.

In candid interview with Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning Show, Amerado affirmed that participating in these feuds has positively impacted his life and work he does.

Throughout his career, the award-winning rapper has engaged in numerous ‘beefs’ with industry figures, including Kofi Mole, Lyrical Joe, Obibini, and the founder of the Ajagurajah Movement. Despite the controversies, he maintained no regrets, believing these confrontations have played a crucial role in expanding his audience.

Amerado, known for hits like ‘Kwaku Ananse,’ ‘Abotr3’ and  ‘Abronoma’ highlighted how these ‘beefs’ have enhanced his visibility and broadened his listener base.

“As an artist, there are no regrets. You only learn from whatever happens, and I believe that through the rap beefs, some people realized that I am lyrically inclined,” he noted.

He also observed a significant increase in his social media following, attributing this surge to the heightened attention during these disputes.

“I think I also got introduced to a section of Ghanaians who love rap music. Whenever there’s ‘beefs,’ there’s a higher chance of people hopping on and listening to your music compared to when there are no excessive waves,” the crooner explained

Derrick went on to point out the stark difference in viewership between his regular releases and those dropped amid rap ‘beefs,’ indicating a noticeable spike in engagement during the latter. He sees these confrontations as opportunities for growth, helping him unearth potentials he hadn’t previously recognized

Encouraging his peers to embrace similar challenges, Amerado believes ‘beef’ situations can be beneficial. He argued that these experiences not only boost visibility but also help artistes develop their skills, urging fellow rappers to seize such opportunities as a means to showcase and enhance their talent.


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