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Adrian Newey to Depart Red Bull in 2025 After 19 Years: What It Means for F1


Renowned Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey is set to bid farewell to Red Bull Racing in 2025 after an illustrious 19-year tenure, marking a significant shift in the motorsport landscape.

The 65-year-old maestro will not be subjected to a gardening leave, offering him the opportunity to join another Formula 1 team for the 2026 season.

Newey’s departure from Red Bull, confirmed by the team, comes as he redirects his focus from the current F1 car to Red Bull’s first hypercar, the RB17.

This transition will culminate in Newey’s official exit in early 2025, opening doors for new challenges and collaborations within the sport.

Multiple teams, including Ferrari, are eyeing Newey’s expertise, especially with the impending arrival of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton to theItalian powerhouse in 2025.

Newey’s track record at Red Bull includes leading the design for cars that secured all 13 of the team’s world titles, solidifying his status as a legendary figure in F1.

Despite Newey’s departure, Red Bull is confident in its preparedness, with technical director Pierre Wache positioned as a likely successor to fill Newey’s shoes.

Wache’s contract extension earlier this year signifies continuity and stability within the team’s technical operations.

Newey’s decision to step away comes amidst Red Bull’s dominance in recent years, highlighted by Max Verstappen’s stellar performances leading to consecutive championship victories.

However, Newey’s relationship with team principal Christian Horner has reportedly cooled, signaling a shift in dynamics within the Red Bull camp.

As the motorsport community processes Newey’s impending departure, the future of Red Bull Racing and star driver Max Verstappen hangs in the balance, with potential implications for the broader Formula 1 landscape.

5 Thrilling Facts About F1’s Sunshine State Spectacle

1. Diverse US Venues: Miami joins the elite ranks as the 11th venue in the US to host Formula 1, marking the 77th unique location ever to hold an F1 world championship race.

2. Massive Viewership: The 2022 Miami GP captivated a staggering 2.6 million average viewers, setting a record as the most-watched live F1 broadcast in US television history. In 2023, the event continued its success with 1.96 million average viewers, securing its spot as the second-largest audience draw.

3. Unique Circuit Location: Unlike typical city-centric street circuits, Miami’s race unfolds around the iconic Hard Rock Stadium, home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Post-race, the track vanishes, allowing the stadium to reclaim its football glory.

4. Innovative Track Design: Crafting the Miami circuit involved evaluating a whopping 75 layouts before unveiling the riveting 19-turn Miami International Autodrome track that drivers now navigate with adrenaline-pumping precision.

5. Beachside Vibe: Miami’s allure extends beyond the track, infusing beach vibes into the racing experience.

A faux marina with artificial water adds a captivating touch, complemented by a unique cable car network reminiscent of theme parks, whisking fans across the expansive Miami International Autodrome.


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