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Euro 2024: Slovenia vs Serbia-Match Report


Slovenia clashed with Serbia in their second group encounter at the ongoing Euro 2024 Championship.

The first half was very cagey that saw both teams creating some chances but failed to convert them into the goalpost.

The game took a dramatic turn as Slovenia surged ahead in the second half courtesy of Zan Karnicnik’s goal at the 69th-minute mark.

With Slovenia appearing poised for victory, Serbia staged a late comeback when Jovic netted a crucial header in the 95th minute, salvaging a draw and keeping their tournament hopes alive.

The match showcased the unpredictable nature of football, where fortunes can swiftly shift in the dying moments.

The equalizer by Serbia added a layer of excitement and tension, highlighting the competitive spirit of the Euro 2024 tournament.

As the group stage progresses, such thrilling encounters underscore the quality and excitement that the championship brings to football enthusiasts worldwide.

Slovenia will take on England in their final group game, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter.

Meanwhile, Serbia will face Denmark in what promises to be another exciting match.


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