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Medikal and D-Black patch-up amid Fella Makafui controversy


Ghanaian musicians Medikal and D-Black have quashed the animosity that had arisen between them over the past few weeks.

This situation, some of which played out on social media, caused a stir, especially amid the Fella Makafui controversy.

Speaking on Accra-based Starr FM, Medikal, popularly known as MDK, said he was not comfortable with how D-Black interacted with his wife, Fella Makafui, at his bar on a certain occasion.

Medikal and Fella Makafui are currently going through a break-up phase, a process that has raised a lot of concern among a section of Ghanaians.

The ‘Too Risky’ crooner says this was actually the situation that caused him to speak up about their ongoing divorce finally.

In the interview on Thursday, May 23, D-Black explained the circumstances, which he said appear to have been misconstrued and wanted out of conversations regarding the duo’s divorce.

After deliberations on the show, D-Black told Medikal “Big apology for lighting that.”

“I am also sorry for saying F*#k you obviously,” Medikal responded.


In the past month, D-Black was seen in a video circulated on social media lightning a cigar for Fella Makafui, which sparked fury in her estranged husband.

Medikal, clearly unhappy with the situation, expressed his sentiments, calling D Black a fake industry player. He emphasised that he could never do such a thing to D-Black out of respect.

In view of this, he recorded a diss song titled ‘Just in Case’, targeted at D-Black.

But D-Black said he has nothing to do with the marital crisis of the celebrity couple.

In a series of tweets, D-Black, addressing the controversy for the first time, said he did not hand Fella the cigar roll but only lighted it on her request.

He explained that Fella bought the cigar with her own money and only approached him to light it up for her.

D-Black further rubbished all allegations of being romantically involved with Fella Makafui, adding that he had not even set eyes on her in over two years.


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