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Be  mindful of your lyrics – Amerado advices musician


Award-winning Ghanaian Rapper, Derrick Sarfo Kantanka known in the music circles as Amerado has emphasized on the importance of musicians being cautious about the lyrical content they produce during song recordings.

His statement was made in light of the Ghana education system’s recent decision to include artists’ lyrics as part of exam questions, such as in the ongoing 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show on Thursday, July 11, 2024,  the rap sensation detailed how a section of his song, ‘Kweku Ananse’, was used in a question on the Creative Art and Design paper, adding that this action demonstrates the significant influence musicians can have on society.

Amerado advised musicians to be mindful of their behavior and public image, considering the impact their songs and lifestyle can have on young people, especially students. He stressed on  the positive impact that artists can have on people’s lives through their work. He stressed the importance of artists being conscious of their appearance, behavior, and choice of words in their songs, as they play a role in shaping society.

“It shows that what we are doing could go as far as being positively impactful on people’s lives. So, as an artiste, if you’re going to the studio to record a song or going out to perform, you should check your dress code, the way you portray yourself, and the kind of words you use in your songs because someway, somehow, you’re having an impact on people’s lives,” he said.

The crooner also mentioned that this initiative helps to strengthen the relationship between the corporate sector and the creative industry, highlighting their value in society and their contribution to Ghana’s educational development. Despite the negative stereotypes often associated with musicians, Amerado encouraged them to continue working hard and striving for recognition. The inclusion of his song in the examination serves as motivation for Amerado to further contribute to the growth of the creative industry.

“Now we have a question like ‘M’ani mmre wo mpaboa no’ in the Ghanaian BECE questions, which means that what we’re doing is just not for fun. At the end of the day, you’re teaching the children not to be envious of each other irrespective of the situation, and me as a musician, seeing this speaks volumes to me that Amerado, when you’re doing songs, you need to do songs that are not going to allow people to go out there to smoke,”  he added.

Amerado  proceeded to declare the right answer to the question, stating that it is A, specifically   ‘Do not be envious.’  He went on to conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the Ghana Education Service (GES) and West African Examination Council (WAEC) for the acknowledgment.


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