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Broken Pen – Am I Not Doing Enough For Her?


Hello MX24, I’m in a dilemma.

I love my girlfriend. We’ve been together for seven years. All the way from high school till now. Both her parents are dead and although she has big brothers, I have decided to take care of everything for her, from her fees to her hair. I do everything. She doesn’t even take trotro. All her clothes are ordered from boohoo, shein, pretty little thing etc. she doesn’t lack anything.

Recently she suggested we be in an open relationship which I opted against because the idea just didn’t sit well with me. I thought all was well after this till I noticed one particular guy she constantly keeps in touch with. This is a guy who has expressed feelings for her that she herself turned down.

My girlfriend is beautiful no lie. She’s endowed in every way and her face card is top tier. She’s allowed to keep male friends. I don’t mind, but not this particular guy. I told how I felt and she agreed to either cut contact with him or limit his access.

I’m so furious as I write this broken pen. I recently took my iPad to use and there was a recorded snapchat streak on it. In the video, a guy was laying down stroking his member. I know for a fact it was the guy that streaked it to my girlfriend. There are only two people that use that iPad, it wasn’t my account logged in and he’s the only guy that has been a threat to my relationship.

As I stated earlier I love my woman. But this her behaviour has got me worried. Am I making a mountain out of a molehill or do I need to have a serious conversation with her?


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