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I don’t know where to start. But I hope no matter how scanty I am able to give you, for fear of not giving away too much, I

Sorry I have to do this in this format. I have been following your pages and each passing week, I feel I have the chance to end this

Hi Mx24, allow me to share this agony I am going through with you and your followers with the anticipation that I will receive some good counsel. I got

Hi Mx24, i write this to seek advice on a very uncomfortable situation that can become very embarrassing. I have been married for a year. When we got married,

Ei Mx24, some women are wicked!!! What I experienced yesterday still amazes me. See er, I have not been this angry and annoyed at the same time. But

I really feel ashamed to bring this out but seems this is the only option to get some advice and still stay anonymous. I also know my husband

I have had to write to you this dawn because this issue that started as very small is becoming big and taking my sleep. My husband is from a

I know I have conscience and so let none of your followers come and play ani holy than thou attitude.i am just confused and the  reason I am

Good evening, please allow your followers to help me solve this conundrum I find myself in. I am a 33 year old married woman with a 38 year old