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Broken Pen – Can We Ever Be Apart?


For the past five years I’ve been involved in an on-and-off relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I just don’t know what this guy has done to me but I can’t let him go. We’ve known each other since childhood but we were always friends. We always had a certain connection and shared a strange bond. Every time he was sad, I could feel it in my spirit and when I was sick, he always knew.

Luck had it that we ended up in the same university and we were the best of friends. We could sleep in the same room and I would be naked in front of him but he never looked my way twice. He had a girlfriend back then and she wasn’t worried because she knew how close we were. We kept our friendship platonic as neither of us wanted to ruin it so getting into a relationship was off bounds between the two of us. We were the ultimate besties, but not for long.

All this while, neither of us had made any attempt on the other person but after NSS he finally made a move on me. It was a bad time. I had just entered a serious relationship with my man who had helped me secure a job and everything was going well. I had estimated that by the time I was 27 I would already be married and pregnant. My man and I had planned our whole future until my bestie came into the picture and scattered everything for me. For a whole month, my bestie and I were having non-stop, passionate and endless sex.

25 days in a month, we were having sex. I would sometimes skip work just to go and have sex with him. The attraction was fierce and the sex was the best I had ever had. All through high school to university, I had heard of his escapades and how good he was in bed and dear readers, it wasn’t exaggerated enough, his bedroom game was incredible. Two months after we had started sleeping together, I broke up with my boyfriend for him. But soon after the breakup, my bestie started acting up. I would call and he wouldn’t pick up. He would leave me on read for as long as he wanted with excuses upon excuses. Two weeks later he would turn up and then we would have sex again. I missed him so much when he was away from me. I could feel my spirit calling out to him and he’ll always show up. I didn’t break the cycle in the hope that he would stay longer. He would come back and I would take him again. He would go off for as long as he wanted, come back and we would continue.

Dear readers, when you’re 27, single and the first born of your parents, the pressure on you to get married is unbearable. I eventually decided to let go of my bestie and accepted the proposal of a man I was in the talking stage with. I took it as a life lesson learnt and cut him off and have started planning my wedding but… my problem is that my bestie has been calling again. He came by work place and asked that I forgive him for how he changed and be friends once again. In my head, this is someone I’ve known him for a very long time. I couldn’t lose my bestie. Plus, there was no bad blood between us.

Dear readers, we are back to a second season of explosive sex these past weeks. The sex is better than before. And this is not helping because my fiancé is terrible in bed. We have no chemistry and the sex is just bland. I have two options, it’s either I leave my fiancé and continue this on-and-off situation-ship or I stay in a very sexless marriage and get my parents off my back.

Or should I continue with this double life? I can’t confide in anybody because I’m ashamed. I’ve been following this page for a while now and I know I will find an answer here. I’m stuck and need advice. Kindly help me fix my broken pen.



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