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Footballer Hakim Ziyeck vibes to Xlimkid ‘s ‘Lonely Road’ with O’Kenneth


In a surprising twist that showcases the universal appeal of music, professional footballer Hakim Ziyech has joined in to jam to the hit single ‘Lonely Road’ by Ghanaian artists Xlimkid and O’ Kenneth.

The track’s infectious beats and emotive storytelling have transcended boundaries, reaching unexpected audiences and highlighting the global impact of African music.

‘Lonely Road,’ a soul-stirring collaboration between Xlimkid and O’ Kenneth, has resonated far beyond the music scene, capturing the attention of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including the world of sports. Hakim Ziyech, known for his prowess on the football field, has publicly expressed his appreciation for the track.

In a social media post, Hakim Ziyech shared a snippet video of the song with the caption “free to do or freedom,” addressing racism and showcasing the ability of music to connect people across different industries and passions.

Xlimkid expressed his excitement about Hakim Ziyech enjoying ‘Lonely Road,’ stating, “It’s an honour to have someone of Hakim Ziyech’s calibre appreciate our music. ‘Lonely Road’ is a song that speaks to the soul, and to see it resonate globally is truly humbling.”

The unexpected endorsement from Hakim Ziyech adds to the growing list of global influencers who have acknowledged the cultural and emotional depth of ‘Lonely Road.’ The track’s fusion of Afrobeat vibes and relatable storytelling has become a symbol of cross-cultural musical connection, transcending borders and resonating with a diverse audience.

‘Lonely Road’ by Xlimkid and O’ Kenneth is available on major streaming platforms, allowing a global audience to experience the emotive journey encapsulated in this collaboration.

About Xlimkid

Xlimkid is a rising Ghanaian artist known for his soulful vocals and dynamic storytelling. His music explores various themes, from love and heartbreak to the struggles of everyday life. ‘Lonely Road’ is a collaborative effort with fellow artist O’ Kenneth, showcasing their ability to create emotionally resonant music.




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