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Akosombo Dam Spillage: VEI laments destruction of historical sites in the Volta Region

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The Vodza Ecotourism Initiative (VEI) has expressed deep concerns over the negative impact of the spillage of the Akosombo Dam on cultural and historical sites along the Keta Basin. The group insists, the spillage has endangered the preservation of traditional practices and heritage in the area.

In a press statement, the group noted that the spillage had a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of the people in Vodza, Keta, North, South, and Central Tongu Districts of the Volta Region and that many of the cultural and historical sites in these areas are negatively impacted.

They however, assured that, they are committed to preserving the ecology, cultural heritage and improving the livelihood of residents of the Vodza-Keta area.

“The spillage continues to adversely impact cultural and historical sites, endangering the preservation of traditional practices and heritage in the region. It is essential to protect these aspects of the local identity for future generations and research purposes.”  the statement said.

Vodza Ecotourism Initiative asserted that over 10,000 residents along the Keta Basin have been completely displaced and their livelihoods disrupted.

“The homes of many communities along the Volta River and the Keta Basin have been destroyed, livelihoods disrupted, and more than 10,000 residents completely displaced. We acknowledge the hardships faced by these communities and call for support during this challenging time.”

“The continuing release of water from the Akosombo Dam, although necessary, continues to cause severe flooding in several towns and in some cases has submerged entire communities along the Volta River, leading to extensive damage to farmlands, habitats, and wildlife.”  the statement added.

The group is therefore calling on all stakeholders including the Volta River Authority (VRA), NADMO and the Ghanaian government, to take immediate action to mitigate the negative effects of the Akosombo spillage on the lives of the people.

Meanwhile, VEI is appealing to benevolent organizations and individuals for relief items and other forms of support either in cash, kind, or as volunteers, as well as implementing sustainable strategies for managing the flow of the Volta River.

VEI affirms its commitment to working collaboratively with local authorities, environmental groups, non-governmental and international organisations as well as the affected communities to find long- term solutions that balance the demands of energy production with the preservation of the environment, cultural heritage, and the well-being of the people of the Volta Region and Ghana in general.




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