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Okudzeto Ablakwa leads “Hands of our Hotels” Protest


On Tuesday, the streets of Accra were filled with impassioned voices as hundreds of protesters gathered for the “Hands Off Our Hotel” rally. Demonstrators converged at Labadi and La Palm Royal Beach Hotels, carrying placards and chanting slogans to express their vehement opposition to the proposed sale of beloved local hotels.

Led by the MP for North Tongu, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the protestors marched towards Jubilee House amidst vehicular traffic in the principal streets of Accra.

“I want to commend an congratulate all of you, this is just the beginning” declared Ablakwa, as he rallied up the crowd to lend their support in blocking the sale of the hotels. “This hotel is a part of our history, and it belongs to the people of Accra. We demand that the government listens to our concerns and reconsiders this decision.”

Protesters, young and old, marched through the streets with determination, drawing attention from passersby and media alike. The rally featured speeches from community leaders, advocates and citizens alike, all united in their call to protect the establishments from privatization.

As the protest continued into the afternoon, the atmosphere remained peaceful but resolute. Participants vowed to maintain their efforts until their voices were heard, and the proposed sale was halted. The rally concluded with a moment of tension when protesters confronted security forces before the end of the protest.

The “Hands Off Our Hotels” protest has clearly struck a chord with many in Accra, highlighting the broader issue of preserving cultural and historical landmarks in the face of modernization and economic pressures. The government’s response to today’s demonstration remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the people of Accra are determined to safeguard their heritage at all costs.



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