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This is why Shatta Wale wants to be the president of Ghana


Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale has announced his presidential aspirations, expressing confidence that the time for his leadership is approaching.

In a recent viral interview, Shatta Wale emphasized the need for a team of knowledgeable individuals focused on development to support his vision.

We will win those old men in the system hands down and I will find learned people around me with developmental mindset. I will only be the president and they will steer the affairs,” he asserted.

Shatta Wale highlighted his substantial fanbase across Africa as evidence of his influence and capability to lead. “Ghana needs a president like me. I am very confident and I know how to run a fan base. That is why my fanbase is the largest in Africa. Forget everything else anyone is saying, my dream is to change Ghana,” he stated.

He credited his father’s encouragement as a driving force behind his political ambitions, underscoring the importance of nationwide support for his endeavour. “My dad has been telling me that I should venture into politics. He wants me to go into politics because he knows I could do it.

Shatta Wale called for support from his fans to help him transition from music to politics. “If you guys can support me to start getting the music to go up the political ladder, I will stop the music and focus on studying. In the next four years, I will be able to contest and see if I won’t win hands down. In the next four years, I’ll be over 40 years so I’ll qualify,” he added.

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Shatta Wale envisions himself as a proactive president, focusing on practical solutions rather than what he described as “spewing big grammar.”

He stated, “Politics is not about coming to speak big grammar; Ghana is not a big grammar country. I just need good heads to control the system.”

With a large and dedicated fanbase, Shatta Wale believes he can harness his popularity to bring about positive change in Ghana. His announcement has sparked discussions and garnered significant attention, with supporters and critics eager to see how his political journey unfolds.


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