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Kingsley Kojo Aikins is creating opportunities for Africans in Dubai



In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, Kingsley Kojo Aikins emerges as a beacon of innovation and success, blending his Ghanaian heritage with global business acumen.

As philanthropist and the founder of three prominent travel agencies; Eyesindubai which is based in Ghana and has affiliates across Africa, Dream Seekers Travel based in Dubai and Dream Seekers Travel in the United States of America and his recent beauty brand, Nene Glam, Aikins has not only transformed the travel industry but has also become a symbol of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs across borders.

Born and raised in Ghana, Aikins cultivated a deep passion for business from a young age. His entrepreneurial journey began with humble roots, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities to carve his path in the competitive business landscape. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a drive for excellence, he quickly gained recognition as one of the young business moguls in Ghana.

Kingsley grew up in a strict Christian home with both parents as educationists and entrepreneurs who ensured that their children met timelines in school and ensured  they were very much involved in church activities. “Dad was an educationist and an entrepreneur (manufacturing of belts). Mum was also in the educational sector. So I got both my discipline and my entrepreneurial life from them.”

He had his education at Tema Secondary School, Accra Technical University, then to IPMC, Accra Media School, Aisad and Accra Media College.

A pivotal moment in Aikins’ career came, when he relocated and settled in Dubai, he realized that lots of people travel to Dubai with no or very few itineraries and yet they don’t get to see the important places. “So, I try to find places that will interest people and at the same time relax them and help them enjoy their vacation. Thus the  establishment of his travel agency in Dubai “Eyes In Dubai”

He established his other two travel agencies, Dream Seekers Travels, USA and Dream Seekers Travels, Dubai in 2022 and launch his beauty brand, Nene Glam in 2023. Leveraging his extensive network and expertise in the travel industry, he is creating a space  to enhance health tourism in India for anyone set to explore health services that not only streamlined health experiences but also fostered cultural exchange and global connectivity.

His  travel agency stands out for its commitment to personalized service, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of diverse traveler needs. Whether catering to luxury clientele or budget-conscious travelers, his agency has earned a reputation for reliability, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, he is a strong advocate for promoting Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and tourism potential on the global stage. Through strategic partnerships and marketing initiatives, he has played a pivotal role in showcasing Ghana as a desirable destination for tourists and investors alike.

Kingsley defines himself as a goal-getter and a fighter who acknowledges that being independent has been his greatest achievement. He takes his strongest influence from his mother, who he describes as, strict and has been his number one supporter through his success journey.

In a statement, he  expressed his vision for the travel industry, saying, “Travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the experiences, connections, and memories we create along the way. My goal is to provide travelers with unforgettable journeys that transcend borders and foster mutual understanding.”

He recently was crowned as  winner for two awards for his outstanding contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape at this year’s Golden Age Business and Creative Awards. The awards were  ‘Most Promising CEO of the year’   and ‘Tourism Influencer of the Year’


As he continues to lead his travel agencies and beauty brand to new heights of success, Kingsley Kojo Aikins remains a driving force in reshaping the travel industry and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to dream big and make their mark on the world stage


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