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‘I made a personal promise to God to dedicate my 7th studio project to him’ – Kwabena Kwabena


Renowned highlife star, George Kwabena Adu, popularly known as Kwabena Kwabena has set the record straight about whether he is venturing into gospel music.

In an interview on MX24 TV’s morning show #TheAMClub, the sensational singer added that he is a musician and therefore could create any piece of music.

He stated, however, that, after producing his first album, he experienced something in his life that made him feel like he wouldn’t be able to do another album or other albums. As a result, he asked God to help him create six albums, so he dedicates the seventh to him.

He likened this to the creation of the world by God in six days and resting on the seventh day.

He spoke to Mimi Mensah and Kojo Daasebre.

Watch excerpts of his interview below:

Watch the full interview below:




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