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Desist from appearing on red carpets with car keys and phones – Nana Akua Addo Tells Celebrities


Celebrated Ghanaian actress and fashion icon, Nana Akua Addo has urged celebrities to desist from appearing on red carpets with their car keys and phones.

In a recent interview with Berla Mundi on the Day Show, Nana Akua emphasized that the red carpet is a place for showcasing elegance and making a fashion statement, not a casual event where everyday items should be on display.

She described the appearance on the red carpet with phones and car keys as ‘an old thing’, stressing that it is wrong for one to do that. The media personality went on to disclose that Nigerians are taking fashion to another level, detailing how phones and car keys are handled on their red carpets.

”We should stop taking our phones and car keys to the red carpet, it is so old. Sometimes you go on the red carpet and you see people with their phone and you have to tell them to hand it over to their PA or something

”Because where Nigerians are taking fashion to is on a different level…very professional. Their PAs and assistants are around so before you go on the red carpet, everything is gone. The focus is on you, i mean your brand, what you are wearing and nothing else.

Known for her impeccable style and presence at major events, Nana Akua’s advice is rooted in enhancing the glamour and sophistication associated with red-carpet appearances.

Her suggestion is not merely about aesthetics but also about setting a higher standard for public appearances. By leaving behind mundane items, celebrities can focus on presenting a more polished and cohesive look. She encouraged the use of clutch bags or having an assistant handle such items discreetly to maintain the integrity of their ensemble.


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