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Premier League Clubs votes to continue VAR Implementation: Focus on enhancements for fans and consistency


Premier League clubs have decided to maintain the use of VAR in the competition, emphasizing its role in improving decision-making accuracy while acknowledging the need for enhancements to benefit the game and supporters.

During the Annual General Meeting, discussions revolved around six key areas aimed at refining VAR’s implementation:

Consistency: Ensuring a high threshold for VAR intervention to minimize disruptions to the game’s flow.

Reducing Delays: Introducing semi-automated offside technology (SAOT) to minimize game delays and uphold accuracy.

Enhanced Fan Experience: Improving in-stadium announcements, offering big screen replays for all VAR interventions, and reducing delays to enhance fan engagement.

Training and Consistency: Implementing robust VAR training to maintain accuracy while expediting the decision-making process.

Transparency: Enhancing communication and transparency around VAR decisions through expanded communications and broadcast programs.

Communication Campaign: Launching a communication campaign to clarify VAR’s role for participants and supporters.

The implementation of Semi-Automated Offside Technology is set for autumn 2024, promising quicker and more consistent placement of the virtual offside line using optical player tracking.

This technology aims to elevate the in-stadium and broadcast experience for fans with high-quality graphics.

Additionally, the Premier League and PGMOL will continue advocating for greater flexibility in the Laws of the Game, aiming to allow live video and audio broadcast during VAR reviews for increased transparency and engagement.


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