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Improvements Planned for Frankfurt Arena pitch after Euro 2024 turf issues


Uefa has acknowledged the challenges faced with the pitch quality at Frankfurt Arena during the Euro 2024 Group C match between England and Denmark.

The poor condition of the turf led to difficulties for players, with visible chunks of grass scattered across the field during the game.

In response to these issues, Uefa has outlined a detailed maintenance plan aimed at enhancing the pitch quality before the upcoming fixtures at the venue.

This plan includes specific measures to address the identified problems and ensure optimal playing conditions for the matches ahead.

Collaborating closely with independent pitch consultants and the grounds team in Frankfurt, Uefa has been actively working to improve the overall pitch rating.

These efforts have shown consistent progress throughout the previous season, indicating a commitment to delivering a top-notch playing surface for the remaining Euro 2024 games at the stadium.

The next match scheduled at Frankfurt Arena is on 23 June, featuring hosts Germany against Switzerland in Group A.

Subsequent games include Slovakia versus Romania in Group E on 26 June, followed by a last-16 encounter between the Group F winner and one of the top four third-placed teams on 1 July.

Football fans can expect significant improvements in the pitch quality as Uefa and its partners strive to ensure an enjoyable and competitive environment for the remaining Euro 2024 matches hosted at Frankfurt Arena.


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