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From Fan to Hero: Edin Terzic’s Journey Leading Borussia Dortmund to Champions League Final


In a tale that feels straight out of a football fairy tale, Edin Terzic’s journey from a devoted Borussia Dortmund fan to their head coach heading into the Champions League final against Real Madrid is nothing short of remarkable.

The story begins on a memorable day in May 2012 when Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund triumphed over Bayern Munich 5-2 in the German Cup final, igniting the dreams of thousands of Dortmund supporters, including a young Terzic.

Fast forward nine years, and Terzic found himself lifting the German Cup as Dortmund’s interim coach, a moment that symbolized his transition from fan to leader.

Terzic’s path hasn’t been without challenges. Despite setbacks and doubts about his suitability for the job, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to Dortmund.

Last season’s heartbreak of missing out on the Bundesliga title only fueled his determination to succeed.

While Dortmund’s domestic form may have been inconsistent, their Champions League journey under Terzic’s guidance has been nothing short of impressive, especially with the resurgence of key players like Jadon Sancho.

Speaking about Sancho’s return to form, Terzic expressed confidence in the winger’s abilities and highlighted their shared journey from Dortmund’s past successes to their current quest for European glory.

Regardless of the outcome at Wembley, Terzic’s impact on Dortmund and their fans is undeniable.

From shedding tears of disappointment to celebrating jubilantly with the supporters, Terzic embodies the spirit of a true Dortmund hero.

As he prepares to lead Dortmund onto the grand stage of the Champions League final, Terzic’s message resonates with football enthusiasts everywhere: dreams do come true, even for those who start as devoted fans of the beautiful game.


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