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CAF President Patrice Motsepe shares Vision for African Football and Stance on Key Issues


CAF President Patrice Motsepe has spoken about his goals for African football and addressed various issues during his time as CAF president.

In an interview, He aimed for an African team to win the 2026 World Cup and also praised the recent Africa Cup of Nations for its success, bringing in $80 million and doubling sponsor numbers.

Motsepe acknowledged challenges in governance and transparency upon assuming office in 2021. He emphasized rebuilding trust with sponsors and partners.

Responding to allegations of FIFA’s influence over CAF, he dismissed concerns and stressed Africa’s independence in decision-making.

On whether he will again run for the position of CAF president next year, Motsepe said that one of his objectives was to establish a solid foundation and leadership team and that he could be replaced if necessary.

But he did not rule out running for a second term, saying that the “good work” done must not go to waste.

Motsepe also addressed accusations from Cameroon’s football federation president Samuel Eto’o regarding defamation through match-fixing investigations.

He affirmed adherence to due process and presumption of innocence.

Regarding alleged sexual abuse cases involving Gabonese youth team coaches, Motsepe assured that CAF takes the matter seriously and is addressing it urgently, despite challenges with suspects detained without trial in their home countries.


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