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Derrick Ayim Secures Accreditation for Copa America


Derrick Ayim, the esteemed international correspondent for MX24 TV, has secured accreditation to cover the prestigious Copa America 2024.

This will be the third major tournament he will cover in World Football. He worked at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and also covered the 2023 African Cup of Nations held in Ivory Coast.


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With a passion for sports journalism and a keen eye for detail, Derrick embarks on a journey that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. As the Copa America unfolds on the vibrant fields of South America, Derrick’s insightful reporting will bring the electrifying matches to life for soccer fans across the globe.

Through his lens, Derrick Ayim not only narrates the on-field action but also delves into the stories behind the players, the strategies that shape the game, and the emotions that define the tournament.

From the exhilarating goals to the nail-biting finishes, Derrick’s coverage always captures the essence of every premier football event with unparalleled depth and perspective.

His words will paint a vivid picture of the passion, dedication, and sportsmanship that characterize the Copa America, making fans feel as though they are right there on the field, experiencing every moment alongside the players.

Join Derrick Ayim on this unforgettable journey as he brings you the latest updates, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes insights from the heart of Copa America 2024.



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