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Amaarae pulls out of 25th TGMA


Ghanaian Artiste, Amaarae has pulled out of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards.

Amaarae was one of the artistes billed to perform on the night where music is celebrated in Ghana.

She intends to avoid the awards and performance on the night due to the frustration she had to endure from Charter House’s production Manager.

She cites communication breakdowns, technical rider issues and rehearsal delays as reasons for staying away from the performance.

The artiste believes that it will be best to chill in the club with her crew rather than give a poor performance.

Read Her Post Below

I flew a team of 10 people – my whole audio tech, visual & tour management team 12 hours straight from stage in Barcelona to Ghana, got Primavera to change my performance date from June 1 to May 30th so I could travel to Ghana yesterday (May 31st) only to get to rehearsals at TGMA last night for their Production Manager to tell my engineers that not only did he not fulfill our technical rider request (which they asked for and we provided in April and which we had been chasing up for weeks) but also that rehearsals are 3 hours behind (I didn’t get a rehearsal last night). To top it all off their Production Manager was not picking my Manager, TM & FOH engineers calls this morning to see if they were going to be able to track down the equipment we need ☹️. As a result, I have sadly had to pull out of performing at the TGMAs.

For 3 years now, I have tried so hard to perform at the Ghana Music Awards. Their CEO and my Management have worked hard to make it happen and finally we were able to align this year – only for my team to be completely ignored and frustrated by their production manager.

GHANA! 😂😂😂. I love my country deeply and irrespective of the pushback I’ve gotten from many in this country I still represent and try to show love but I don’t want to lie to you guys, I believe in professionalism and I brought my whole tour team here as an investment in quality because I wanted to put on the best show possible & give you guys the same vim I’ve been giving on all my international shows but that will not be possible tonight given the circumstances! We spent a lot of money to come here only to be incredibly disrespected by the Charter House production team. But it is what it is and I like to stay positive and take things in stride – Man proposes, God disposes!

Big thanks to my team – Ms. B, Jess, Tech, Coop, Corey, Chace, Erica, Mike, Janae, Breanna, Esther, Mike Millz and Olele – who worked so incredibly hard till the last minute to try and make this happen! All the same me and the gang r gonna be outside tonight because we deserve it so if you see me in the in club tonight say wassup!

Much love! ❤️


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