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Broken Pen – I’m into Our Mother

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My wife is a very beautiful woman. She has everything a man would want in a woman. But when they said opposites attract, they also said birds of a feather flock together.

I’m a very outgoing person who loves to have a lot of fun. My wife on the other hand is very reserved and conservative whose idea of a fun night is a quiet stay-at-home.

She used to be hot though – still is in a way – but since we got married, my wife, aside her lack of interest in all the things we used to do, has also stopped dressing how she used to.

I’m not saying I want her to be going out scantily dressed or anything but, at least, when we’re alone try and make an effort for me instead of just wrapping a cloth as you walk around the house. I found a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of people you could ever think of – my mother-in-law.

Side by side, my mother-in-law looks like the fun loving hot older sister of my wife and whenever we’re together, we get along really well.

Things took an awkward turn when my wife’s mother came over to spend a couple of weeks with us and I was very excited to have my partner in crime with me for a little while.

We did a lot together. We went for many different fun outings which my wife declined to join so they turned out to be like I was going out on dates with my mother-in-law. I didn’t mind at all because our vibes were on the same wavelength.

One Friday night, we went out clubbing which, surprise surprise, my wife once again declined to join. But I wasn’t perturbed at all because I was having the time of my life with my favorite person.

We danced the night away and a couple drinks later, I was certain that anyone who knew us would say our dance wasn’t appropriate for a man and his mother-in-law but I didn’t care and judging by how she was grinding on me, neither did my mother-in-law.

Neither of us was in any shape to drive when we were done for the night so we found a guest house nearby to spend the night. I called my wife to inform her of this development and she lauded the decision not to drive in our condition.

As we got ready to go to bed, my mother-in-law began to undress right in front of me and I could feel my eyes doing their best to get closer to their target. There was another part of my anatomy doing the same – if you know what I mean.

My mother-in-law, standing in her lingerie, looked up at me with a mischievous smile on her lips. “Do like what you see?” She asked me as she walked over to me in a sultry way.

Brothers, if you were in my place, you would love what I was looking at. Seeing is an understatement – my eyes were drinking her all the way in.

By the time I got a hold of myself, we were kissing in a very passionate embrace. Then in a moment of pure torture, my mother-in-law broke it off and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the view she gave me as she walked off to get in bed and went to sleep. Nothing more happened between us that night but even though she’s left us since then, that night has stayed with me.

I love my wife very much but I can’t get her mother and that night out of my head. I can’t even look at her the same way I used to.

People, what can I do about this situation? How do I fix this broken pen?


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