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FIFA President Gianni Infantino emphasizes Global Football growth at congress


Speaking at the FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, Gianni Infantino reiterated FIFA’s commitment to expanding football opportunities worldwide.

The FIFA President proposed initiatives like an Under-15 football festival open to all 211 FIFA Member Associations, alongside ongoing expansions in U-20 and U-17 tournaments.

He highlighted FIFA’s unique role in distributing revenue globally, supporting around 70% of member associations in organizing football within their regions.

Infantino began by highlighting football’s power to unite people, acknowledging the current global landscape as aggressive and divided.

He emphasized FIFA’s mission to grow the sport globally, citing a seven-fold increase in solidarity payments to member associations since 2016.

FIFA’s efforts also include creating new playing opportunities in women’s and men’s football through expanded competitions.

Infantino said “FIFA is organising around 1% of the games of the top clubs in the world. 98-99% of the matches are organised by the different leagues, associations, confederations.”

“FIFA is financing football all over the world.

The revenues that we generate are not just going to a few clubs in one country, the revenues that we generate are going to 211 countries all over the world.

There is no other organisation that does that.”

“Our mission is to organise events and competitions, and to develop football around the world because 70% of the Member Associations of FIFA would have no football without the resources coming directly from FIFA.”

During his address, Infantino noted that FIFA organizes only about 1% of top club matches globally, with the majority managed by various leagues, associations, and confederations.

He underscored FIFA’s unique financial support, benefiting 211 countries worldwide and ensuring football development across diverse regions.

In his speech at the 74th FIFA Congress, President Gianni Infantino emphasized FIFA’s role in organizing events, developing football globally, and providing essential resources to member associations, crucial for sustaining football activities in numerous countries.


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