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Euro 2024:Austria vs Turkey-Match Report


Austria secured a thrilling 3-2 victory over the Netherlands to clinch the top spot in Group D, ahead of favorites France.

Their impressive performance in the group stage, marked by high pressing and defensive prowess, has set the stage for a promising knockout stage campaign.

Turkey bounced back from an early defeat to Portugal with a resilient 2-1 win over Czech Republic, securing their spot as runners-up in Group F.

Despite their young squad, Turkey has shown attacking intent and tactical discipline, making them a formidable opponent in the knockout stage.

Under Ralf Rangnick, Austria has shown exceptional defensive discipline with a low PPDA (passes per defensive action) of 9.0, second only to Germany in the group stage.

Their ability to win tackles and create turnovers has been crucial, underscoring their tactical acumen in pressing situations.

Turkey, known for their aggressive style, boasts a high xG (expected goals) total of 5.2, indicating their potency in front of goal.

Despite missing playmaker Hakan Çalhanoglu due to suspension, emerging talents like Arda Güler present a new dimension of youthful vigor and ambition.

Austria, with a rich history in major tournaments, aims to advance past the round of 16 for only the fourth time in their history.

Their recent form under Rangnick has been impressive, winning 60% of their matches since his appointment, showcasing their capability to excel on the big stage.

Turkey, despite historical challenges in the Euros, brings a fearless young squad with an average age younger than most competitors.

Their defensive solidity against Austria in past encounters adds intrigue to their matchup, as they seek to overturn recent competitive losses.


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