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Tema West Youth MP with Noblean Inspired Network and MAGGA ladies Tour Empowers Students for Life After High School


On June 15th, 2024, the Tema West Youth Member of Parliament (MP) hosted a comprehensive tour and workshop in collaboration with the Noblean Inspired Network and Magga Ladies at Tema Secondary School. The event, which was covered by the media team from MX24, aimed to educate and empower students on the critical topic of life after completing their secondary education.

The tour began with an insightful introduction by the Tema West Youth MP, who emphasized the importance of preparing holistically for the transition from high school to the next chapter of life. “As you approach the end of your secondary education, it is crucial that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to navigate the exciting, but sometimes daunting, world that lies ahead,” the MP stated.

Following the opening remarks, representatives from the Noblean Inspired Network and Magga Ladies took the stage to lead a series of interactive workshops and discussions. Topics covered included:

– Identifying and developing your unique talents and passions
– Exploring diverse career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities
– Managing personal finances, budgeting and saving
– Maintaining physical and mental well-being during times of change
– Building a professional network and leveraging connections
– ⁠Cervical Cancer.

The students were actively engaged throughout the sessions, asking thoughtful questions and sharing their own experiences and aspirations. Many expressed gratitude for the chance to gain such valuable insight and guidance from the program’s facilitators.

“This tour has really opened my eyes to the steps I can take to prepare for life after high school,” said Christabel , a Form 3 student. “I feel more confident in my ability to identify my strengths, explore different options, and make informed decisions about my future.”

The Tema West Youth MP concluded the event by emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and growth. “Today’s workshop is just the beginning. I encourage you all to remain curious, resourceful and resilient as you embark on the next phase of your lives. The future is yours to shape.”

Overall, the tour was a resounding success, providing Tema Secondary School students with a comprehensive roadmap for navigating life after high school. The collaborative efforts of the Tema West Youth MP, Noblean Inspired Network and Magga Ladies have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the participants, empowering them to confidently take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



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