Home General News One-year-old Ace-Liam officially receives his Guinness World Record certificate

One-year-old Ace-Liam officially receives his Guinness World Record certificate


One-year-old Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah officially receives his Guinness World Record certificate as the

 youngest male painter.

Ace Liam etched his name in history by securing the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Male Artist.

Ace-Liam achieved the incredible feat aged one year and 152 days.

Ace Liam’s journey to the record books commenced with an ambitious attempt conducted in  Accra from January 18 to January 20, 2024 and he breaks that of previous title holder Dante Lamb, who achieved the milestone at the age of three in 2003.

The mother of the Ghanaian toddler officially recognised as the world’s youngest male painter told the BBC of her pride in her son’s artistic ability, and hopes he can take the art world by storm.

“He already knows what colours complement each other,” said his mother Chantelle Kuukua Eghan, who has been an artist herself for eight years.

Ms Eghan said she first realised his talent when he was only six months old.

To qualify for the record, GWR said Ace-Liam needed to be part of a professional exhibition that was open to the public and sell his work.

It added that the work needed to be done to a professional standard and evidence presented that it was done on his own.

Ace-Liam’s work was exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in the capital  Accra, from last December to early January.

He sold nine of the 10 pieces that were on display and was even commissioned by the First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, who attended the exhibit.

The prodigy, who turns two in July, has sold 15 paintings throughout his career so far, and is set to host an auction soon.



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