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Euro 2024: Slovakia vs Romania-Match Preview


The Romania-Slovakia match in Euro 2024 Group E is a nail-biter, with both teams aiming for a draw to secure a spot in the pre-quarterfinals.

This group is incredibly close, with any team able to finish in any position from first to last, making it the most unpredictable group in the tournament.

Slovakia has a challenging history against Romania, with only one win in their previous encounters.

On the other hand, Romania has remained unbeaten in their competitive matches against Slovakia, showing their strength in past Euro qualifiers.

Romania’s coach, Edward Iordanescu, emphasizes the importance of defeating Slovakia to secure the top spot in Group E, providing an advantage in the knockout stages.

With both teams tied on three points, the upcoming match in Frankfurt is crucial for determining the group standings.

Calzona has maintained a consistent lineup throughout the tournament and has no new injury concerns heading into the match.

The return of striker Denis Alibec from injury adds competition for a starting spot, adding depth to Romania’s attacking options.

The match will start at exactly 4:00pm local time.


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