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Stonebwoy sues Baba Sadiq for defamation

Afro-dancehall superstar Livingstone Etse Satekla, professionally known as Stonebwoy, has hauled aspiring politician and entertainment critic Sadiq Abdulai Abu, popularly known as Baba Sadiq, to court over comments the politician made on his X page (formerly known as Twitter).

In a writ filed in the High Court of Justice on 31 May 2024, the reigning Ghanaian Artist of the Year is asking the court to order Baba Sadiq to delete and render an unqualified apology to Stonebwoy for the offending tweets.

Stonebwoy is also asking the court to award him damages of GHS 3 million for the harm which the tweets have caused to his reputation on the basis that Baba Sadiq acted maliciously and with intent to defame Stonebwoy by publishing statements that he knew to be false.

The lawsuit does not come as a surprise to people who are aware of the facts surrounding the tweets. Observers on social media had expressed concern about Stonebwoy’s decision to ignore Sadiq’s disturbing comments, which suggested that Stonebwoy is a violent female abuser.

The comments went viral and ignited heated discussions among fans and the general public because Stonebwoy has a long-standing record of championing women’s rights and has spearheaded several philanthropic activities aimed at supporting women.

The writ confirms that the Ghanaian icon is committed to protecting his hard-won reputation, as he has resorted to the legal system to vindicate his rights.



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