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Welcome to MX24, your leading source for news and entertainment in Ghana. Our mission is to provide you with fun, fearless, and factual content that keeps you informed and engaged.

Our Team: We have a dedicated team of professional journalists and contributors who bring you the latest news, insights, and stories from credible sources. Our team is committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism, ensuring that every piece of news we deliver is accurate, reliable, and thoroughly vetted.

Our Content: At MX24, we cover a wide range of categories to cater to diverse interests:

  • General News: Stay updated with the latest happenings locally and globally.
  • Entertainment: Dive into the world of movies, music, celebrities, and TV shows.
  • Sports: Get the latest scores, news, and analysis of your favorite sports and teams.
  • Lifestyle: Discover tips on health, fashion, travel, and more.

Live TV & Radio: Experience real-time news and entertainment with access to MX24 live TV and radio. Watch and listen to your favorite shows and programs on the go.

Editorial Standards: We pride ourselves on our commitment to journalistic integrity. Our editorial standards ensure that our content is not only engaging but also accurate and trustworthy. We follow rigorous processes to verify facts and provide balanced reporting.

Documentation: For more details on our editorial policies and standards, please visit our About Us page. Here, you will find comprehensive documentation validating our credentials as a news publisher.

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