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POYNT launched to elevate fashion shopping experience

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POYNT app, a cutting-edge platform designed to simplify and elevate the fashion shopping and styling experience has been launched to become the must-have fashion app on both iOS and Android devices.

The new social shopping app for fashion and electronic lovers, which is available on Apple and Google Play app stores in Ghana, allows users to buy and sell secondhand clothes, shoes, accessories and other electronic items from their mobile devices in a fun and social way.


POYNT is different from other online marketplaces in that it focuses on the social aspect of shopping. People can create profiles, follow other users and browse through their closets, and instantly buy items they like. POYNT also features a dynamic homepage where users can see what their friends are buying and selling, and discover new items and sellers.


“We wanted to introduce a new social shopping experience which is more relevant to Gen Z Africans than traditional online marketplaces” said Julian Owusu, co-founder of POYNT. “It’s only been 4 weeks since we went live but we’ve already had over 6500 people and thousands of products listed. So we’ve been very happy with the feedback so far. People can browse through their friends’ closets, buy products from their favourite influencers, and discover new items and sellers. It’s a super fun and social way to shop for clothes and electronics.”


POYNTis already popular within the vintage thrift community after acquiring Vintage Gala, A Vintage pop up community in July 2023. It aims to be the ultimate companion for fashion enthusiasts seeking a personalized and convenient shopping experience.



POYNT is available for free download on the Apple and Google Play Stores.


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