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Fashion trends as we know  has to do with novelty and anticipation, with a sprinkle of uncertainty. It begins from runway shows but currently, fashion trend is influenced

Every once in a while, we open our closets and wardrobe and sometimes feel like we have nothing to wear, even with all those hundreds and thousands of

Most times people confuse the definitions of fast fashion and planned obsolescence in fashion. Before we delve into everything about fast fashion, take a few minutes to read

You enter a shop or boutique and then spot a pair of trousers that immediately catches your attention. It is new, in style and look very much trendy

Consumers are exposed each season each year to multitude new styles created by fashion designers. These new styles are either accepted for a time period by consumers, demonstrated

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself how fashion brands predict upcoming trends? Well before we talk about that, you will need to have background knowledge of

Remember the days when it was seen as a fashion error to wear mixed jewelry? The times when single-coloured jewelry were the only real deal? Or maybe, do you

Trends are associated with the ideas of fashion and novelty and the ideas of anticipation and uncertainty. The term "trend" refers to a gradual change or development that produces

Now we've all known Adina to be one incredible songstress and an all-round phenomenal performer! What you probably didn't know is that she's a fashion designer too! Yeah!