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Tensions rise ahead of Ejisu by-election as NPP faces accusations of electoral manipulation

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Representatives of Kwabena Owusu Adoumi in Ejisu have levelled serious allegations against the NPP and government officials, accusing them of engaging in alarming and reckless behaviour in the lead-up to the by-election scheduled for Tuesday, April 30.

The accusations, which were presented with grave concern, include claims of ballot box stuffing, bribing of Electoral Commission officials, utilization of military personnel to intimidate opposition strongholds, and deployment of police officers from different regions to seize control of ballot boxes. 

Additionally, there were allegations of threats of power outages during vote counting and the utilization of macho men to forcibly snatch ballot boxes from certain areas.

Addressing a press conference in Ejisu, Campaign Coordinator of Mr. Aduomi, Isaac Boafo condemned what they described as the wasteful expenditure of state resources for vote buying, expressing their outrage that such resources were not allocated to address pressing community challenges.

He further strongly refuted claims made by the NPP regarding the Bonwire market project, which was personally financed by Hon Owusu Aduomi. 

He emphasized that the project was not under the purview of Members of Parliament and was not part of the Middle Belt Development Projects, as alleged by the NPP.

Mr. Boafo warned the NPP that they would fiercely defend their ballots and reaffirmed their commitment to democracy and justice, stating that Ejisu would stand firm and resolute on Tuesday.


Credit: Fatawu Bayaga, Ashanti Regional Content Manager


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