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I’ve not stolen any vehicle belonging to PNC – David Apasera refutes claims

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The 2020 flagbearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC),David Apasera, has vehemently denied stealing a vehicle that belongs to the party.

The former MP explained that the vehicle belonged to him, not the party, as alleged.

Days ago, the PNC filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service against David Apasera, alleging that he stole a party vehicle with registration number GN 7506-20.

He is alleged to have changed the vehicle’s documentation to his name.

The petition, signed by General Secretary Janet Nabla, requested that the CID should arrest David Apasera for allegedly stealing a Toyota Landcruiser vehicle and changing its documentation to his name and that it should also investigate which DVLA office/official helped him to change the document to his name.

Dr. Edward Mahama allegedly gave the vehicle to the party, and the party later gave it to David Apasera to facilitate his presidential campaign for the 2020 general election as the party’s then-presidential candidate.

At the end of the elections, he was supposed to return the vehicle to the party, but he allegedly refused, and the party lodged a complaint with the Nima Police Station, the Greater Regional Police Command and also the National CID Headquarters.

Mr. Apasera, however, accused the General Secretary of being used by the 2016 presidential candidate of the party Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama.

“The vehicle is mine and not for the party as alleged. Janet is being used by Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama.”



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