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GNACOFA demands Fair Treatment from Agric Minister


Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association (GNACOFA), has called out the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Bryan Acheampong, for gross disrespect and unfair statements directed at the association. The Association is demanding the retraction of a statement made by the minister to the effect that, there are no recognized Cocoa Farmers Association in Ghana except Cocoa Coffee and Sheanut Association (COCOSHIE).

In a press statement, GNACOFA expressed disappointment with Hon. Byran Acheampong, for applauding Cocoa Coffee and Sheanut Association (COCOSHIE), an association that has contributed nothing to the lives of Cocoa Farmers in Ghana.

“Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association and other Cocoa Farmers Associations are expressing our disappointment about the Hon. Dr. Bryan Acheampong the current Minister for Food and Agriculture who announced that Cocoa Coffee and Sheanut Association (COCOSHIE) which has been judged by Superior Court of judicature in the High Court of justice at Sunyani on Friday 20th Day of June 2022 before his Lordship Justice Patrick Baayeh esq” the statement noted.

The Association insisted that the excitement expressed by the 3000 Cocoa Farmers present at the announcement of the new cocoa producer price, cannot represent the views of majority of cocoa farmers across the country. They opined that GNACOFA is the largest Cocoa Farmer in Ghana and must be accorded the necessary accolade.

“The minister who said that among 800,000 Cocoa Farmers, there were 3,000 present and happy at the pricing day should compare with 797,000 who were not at the scene, which number is the greatest. GNACOFA and the other cocoa farmers felt disappointed and respond to his comment that he should go back to his show centers and reverse his statement if he did not make the necessary enquires before he mounted the platform for his comment.”

“Whether he likes it or not GNACOFA is the largest farmer group among all the farmer Association in Ghana now. The minister should note that he is working with an Association that does not exist now COCOSHIE, as per Court SUIT NO. C11/001/2022 at Sunyani High Court on the year 2022.COCOSHIE had stayed for over forty (40) years without any positive impact on Cocoa Farmers.” they added.

‘Hon. Minister, proof yourself fair to all farmers, else the remaining 797,000 farmers would express our highly emotional disappointment and regret in you as Agricultural Minister.”

GNACOFA therefore demands fair treatment from the minister with a call to reverse the unpalatable comments.

Meanwhile, Obaatampa Cocoa Farmers’ Co-operative Union, Upper Dwira North and South Cocoa Farmers’ Co-operative Union, Dormaaman Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative Union, Tarkwa and Damming, Prestea Cocoa farmer Co-operative Union, Jomoro, Elembelle  and Elebo farmer Co-operative Union, have all endorsed the call on the minister to reexamine his statement and withdraw same.

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