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“Namelessly Faceless”: An Experimental Stage Drama Exploring Mental Health through Shadow Theatre


Dzidzor Adjagar, brings a groundbreaking stage drama to life with her latest work, “Namelessly Faceless.” This experimental production, set to premiere from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2024 at the E.T.S Drama Studio in Legon, promises a unique and thought-provoking theatrical experience.

“Namelessly Faceless” employs the captivating art of shadow theatre to delve into the complex and often overlooked issue of mental health. By using shadows to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant narrative, complimented by soothing melodies, the play offers a fresh and immersive way to engage with its themes.

Central to the drama is the character Naomi from the Bible, reimagined to explore contemporary mental health challenges. Through Naomi’s journey, the play sheds light on the struggles, stigmas, and triumphs associated with mental health issues. Naomi’s story becomes a powerful vehicle for discussing the human experience, vulnerability, and the quest for understanding and acceptance.

Dzidzor Adjagar’s innovative direction and use of shadow theatre create an ethereal and haunting atmosphere, inviting the audience to reflect on the hidden facets of the human psyche. The interplay of light and shadow not only enhances the storytelling but also symbolizes the often-unseen nature of mental health struggles.

Two hands reach out to each other. One seems to be a mirrored image of the other and is a shadow. Namelessly Faceless.As a final-year project, “Namelessly Faceless” represents a culmination of Adjagar’s academic and creative journey. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional theatre and addressing pressing social issues is evident in this ambitious production.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this extraordinary theatrical event. “Namelessly Faceless” will be staged at the E.T.S Drama Studio in Legon from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2024. Be part of a transformative experience that blends artistic innovation with a profound exploration of mental health.


Event Details:
– Title: Namelessly Faceless
– Director: Dzidzor Adjagar
– Dates: 20th – 23rd June 2024
– Venue: E.T.S Drama Studio, Legon

Join us for a journey into the shadows, where the lines between reality and perception blur, and where the unseen struggles of the mind are brought to light. “Namelessly Faceless” is more than a play; it is a call to empathy and understanding in the face of mental health challenges


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