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A/R: Hakia Consult organizes quiz competition to promote academic excellence in Islamic schools

A/R: Hakia Consult Organizes Quiz Competition to Promote Academic Excellence in Islamic Schools


A Social Entrepreneurship firm in Ghana, Hakia Consult, has organized a quiz competition among Islamic schools in the Ashanti Region with the aim of promoting academic excellence.

The competition, which sought to identify and nurture talents in Islamic schools for participation in the National Science and Maths Quiz competition, attracted the participation of 81 schools.

The finals of the competition took place at the Kumasi Central Mosque, where three schools, namely Ar-Rahma, Ghana Muslim Mission, and Salafiya International School, competed.

Ar-Rahma emerged as the winner with 47 points, followed by Ghana Muslim Mission with 41 points, and Salafiya with 35 points.

Following the competition, Abubakar Umar Hasan, the Chief Executive Officer of Hakia Consult, expressed his satisfaction with the students’ knowledge and performance.

He emphasized the potential of junior high school students and their ability to excel in the future, particularly in the National Science and Maths Quiz competition.

“These are junior high school students and if you look at the kind of questions posed to them and the answers that were given out, it tells us that they have a very great potential for the future, by the time they get to the senior high school, they would have gotten the exposure to perform in the NSMQ,” he said.

He also highlighted the challenges faced by Islamic schools in studying STEM-related courses due to inadequate infrastructure and facilities.

He stressed the importance of providing resources to Islamic schools to enable them to excel in the National Science and Maths Quiz, noting that no Islamic school has reached the finals of the competition since its inception.

Mr. Hasan encouraged students and teachers from the participating schools to prepare diligently for the next year’s competition, aiming to make a significant impact.

The students expressed their gratitude to the organizers for creating an opportunity to enhance their academic abilities through the competition.

They acknowledged the positive impact it would have on their academic development.

The competition which was organized on the theme “inspiring academic excellence through competition,” was in collaboration with the Islamic Education Unit in Kumasi.


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