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Pastor Joe Beecham to unveil new songs at Yonder 2023

Prominent Gospel Musician, Pastor Joe Beecham, has announced the upcoming release of new songs at his forthcoming event, "Yonder Worship Sacrifice" in Accra.


Prominent Gospel Musician, Pastor Joe Beecham, has announced the upcoming release of new songs at his forthcoming event, “Yonder Worship Sacrifice” in Accra.

This was announced during a media launch for the event, which is themed “Spirit Effect” and is promised to be an evening of intimate worship, prayer, and the manifestation of God’s power.

Addressing the audience at the launch, the minister, based in Takoradi, emphasized that Yonder 2023 is not just a concert but a profound fellowship with God through music.

“Yonder is a gathering that brings people closer to God through moments of worship, prayer, prophecies, and the manifestation of God’s power.

It doesn’t matter the path you’ve walked or where you come from, but what matters is the unity of hearts and how ready you are to receive what God has for you,” he emphasized.

Yonder 2023 marks two significant milestones in Pastor Joe Beecham’s life: his 50th birthday and 25 years in ministry, celebrated under the theme ‘Golden Jubilee with a Silver Lining 50/25.’

The event is scheduled for Sunday, 3rd December 2023, at 5 pm, at Victory Bible Church, Awoshie. The lineup of renowned artists includes KODA, Uncle Ato, Perez Musik, Alexandrah, and Matthew Ansah, promising an unforgettable night of worship, prayer, and power.

The night will also witness the launch of new songs, adding to the impactful portfolio of the minstrel over the years.

During the media launch, Pastor Joe Beecham officially introduced two significant long-term initiatives for the benefit of humanity:

The Sound Mind Project: A Compassionate Mission for Mental Health

Pastor Joe Beecham has been spearheading the Sound Mind Project since 2020, an impactful effort to raise awareness for community service addressing mental health issues.

The project involves personal ministrations by Pastor Joe Beecham and his team to individuals in mental health institutions, offering spiritual guidance, solace, and tangible support. Fueled by the generosity of donors, the project aims to make a positive impact on those facing mental health challenges.

Pastor Joe Beecham stated, “The Sound Mind Project is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and faith.

Together, we are fostering a world where every individual, irrespective of their mental health journey, feels seen, supported, and embraced. We have recorded several testimonies from our previous visits to the Ankaful psychiatric hospital”

Impartation Center: A Hub for Worship and Learning

Looking beyond 2023, Pastor Joe Beecham envisions establishing an Impartation Center—a retreat center equipped with facilities to facilitate spiritual growth and learning.

The center will include a studio-equipped hall for music recording and musical worship services, classrooms for lessons, a music laboratory and library, as well as recreational facilities like a basketball court and swimming pool.

After 25 years in ministry, Pastor Joe Beecham aims to mentor a new generation of gospel musicians through this initiative.

As Pastor Joe Beecham continues to break new ground in ministry, these initiatives reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives, both spiritually and practically. He welcomes partners for these initiatives.

Pastor Joe Beecham is a pastor, songwriter, and renowned gospel musician actively involved in preaching the gospel both on the pulpit and with gospel music for 25 years.

With six (6) music albums to his credit, Pastor Joe Beecham’s Music ministry over the years has seen tangible miracles, numerous testimonies, life transforming experiences, a strong manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit and countless deliverances and prophecies.

His impact in the body of Christ is tremendous and must be trumpeted and solidified with impactful activities.

Over the years, Pastor Joe Beecham has ministered in thousands of churches, worship events, concerts, and crusades in Ghana and many parts of the world. His unique music ministry is characterized by the mighty move of the Lord with many miracles, signs, wonders, and testimonies.

Some of the ministry projects are The Sound Mind Project (ministers to psychiatric patients), The Joseph Project (ministers to prisoners), The Daniel Project (ministers to students), and the Mephibosheth Project (ministers to orphans).

His Impartation conference and School of the Music Ministry for all stakeholders in the music ministry are a real blessing to many. Joe Beecham carries the message of hope and righteousness.


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