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Broken Pen – I Proposed To A Guy


During the early months of this year, I marked 3 years of being in a relationship with my boyfriend.

We had been together but didn’t want to define our relationship and that’s another reason why I’m writing this broken pen. It’s more like he didn’t want to define the relationship because as far as I remember, I was more than ready to. We met through social media, he was making jokes under a post of a mutual of ours, and he was funny and smart in his responses and also very polite in a certain way. I quickly checked out his profile and saw that he looked nice and from his social media page I could tell instantly that we would be such a power couple. I just knew it. I liked what I saw so I did all the digging I needed to do and found out that he was single. I thought this must be the heavens answering my prayers.

I followed him on his social media, got interactive and then we finally got texting. I texted him first. Again, I proposed we start dating. He was skeptical about it and said why not take it slow and keep it between us. Looking back at it now I can see all the signs but then, I was smitten. My relationship was going well even though it was just between us. Three years, three years we’ve been dating and keeping it a secret. I didn’t have a problem with the secrecy because there was no need to broadcast to my 257 followers that I was dating someone. All was good as far as I was concerned.

A month after our anniversary celebration, I finally get to catch up with the mutual through whom I met my man. She started to tell me how she has caught feelings with this new guy and as I was teasing her about being a ‘john’ she shows me a picture of the guy I’m dating as the person she’s with. The man who she’s started catching feelings for is the man I’ve been dating for the past 3 years. Asɛ me nsu!!

Mx24 readers, I’m pained because I did all the proposals and arrangements and everything throughout the years of the relationship. No girls asks a man to date them and I let go of tradition to do that. What even kills me is that we currently have a business together. The idea was mine and even though I contributed, the funding was mostly from his side. All the money passes through my account and because of the pain, “adwen bɔne” has come into my head.

Will it make me a bad person to take it all and leave him with nothing? I’m pained. And I feel like a fool. Please, what do I do?



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