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Manchester United’s Maguire accepts Ghanaian MP’s apology for mockery


Manchester United player Harry Maguire received an apology on Wednesday from Ghanaian Member of Parliament Isaac Adongo for making fun of him during last year’s budget discussion.

Legislator Isaac Adongo of the opposition linked Maguire’s on-field exploits to Vice-President Mahamadu Bawumia’s economic administration of the struggling West African country. Last year, Adongo compared Bawumia to Maguire, calling the latter “the biggest threat at the centre of the Manchester United defence,” in a speech that was extensively circulated on social media.

The allusion was made as part of a larger speech in which Bawumia was accused of mismanaging the economy and causing suffering for the populace.

Ghana is experiencing its greatest economic crisis in a generation as a result of the country’s skyrocketing public debt, which has devalued the local currency and caused widespread inflation. During a Tuesday debate centred on the 2024 budget, Adongo asserted that Maguire had “turned the corner” and retracted his comparison.

Adongo stated, “I apologise to Harry Maguire now.” “He is a transformational footballer… now scoring goals for Manchester United.” Maguire posted on X on Wednesday, accepting the apologies. He wrote, “Apology accepted , See you at Old Trafford soon,” referring to Manchester United’s stadium.

However, he persisted in criticising Bawumia, charging that he was “roaming” “with a cup in hand” around the International Monetary Fund (IMF).



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