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Veteran Commentator Mr. Joe Lartey dies at the age of 96

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The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) and the entire sports community has been plunged into mourning following the sudden passing of its esteemed patron Mr. Joe Lartey Sr. at the age of 96.

The iconic sports commentator breathed life into Ghana’s sports scene, leaving behind a legacy that will be cherished for generations.

Mr. Lartey, fondly remembered as SWAG’s first president, was an icon in sports journalism, captivating audiences with his exceptional commentary.

His journey into the world of sports reporting began under the mentorship of former Nigerian leader Nnamdi Azikiwe, paving the way for a remarkable career that spanned decades.

The news of Mr. Lartey’s demise was shared by SWAG through a poignant social media post on April 27, 2024, extending heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

His impactful presence behind the microphone at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) endeared him to sports enthusiasts nationwide and beyond.

As the sports community mourns this significant loss, SWAG has said they would provide further details regarding Mr. Lartey’s passing and the arrangements for his funeral in the days to come.


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