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Pupils of Zaari D/A Basic School make passionate appeal for furniture and new school structure


Pupils of Zaari D/A Basic School in the Garu District of the Upper East Region are facing dire challenges due to the absence of proper furniture and a deteriorating school structure.

The alarming conditions have prompted concerns among students and parents alike. The structure housing KG1 and KG2 classes is in a deplorable state with portions of the structure ripped off exposing pupils to harsh weather.

Liman Akuka a basic six pupil tells MX24 News that the lack of furniture not only affects their physical well-being but also hinders their ability to focus during lessons. She said the absence of adequate learning materials has also forced numerous students to drop out, seeking education in neighboring communities with better-equipped and safe structures.

“I feel so bad about my school sometimes when it is raining we cannot sit in there and learn so we are worried and because of these problems some of our colleagues run to different schools,” Akuka said.

Another student Elizabeth Abdullai lamented how the lack of furniture in the classrooms is affecting their health. She appealed to the Garu District Assembly, government, NGOs, and their Member of Parliament to come to their aid. “We don’t have furniture and any time we come to class we bend on our neck to write, it is giving us body pain. I consistently get pain in my back, neck, and waist and if I go home I can’t sleep” she lamented.

The student also stressed how dirty uniforms add to their burden, as their mothers faceGaru Dist challenges in keeping them clean due to financial constraints.

The Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) Chairman, Ernest Abdullah, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that their children deserve quality education as compared to their colleagues in other areas.

He described the current school structure as a “death trap,” especially during the rainy season, when lessons, particularly at the KG level, come to an abrupt end.

Mr. Ernest also reiterated calls for immediate action, urging the government to prioritize the construction of a new school building.

The head teacher of Zaari D/A Primary School, Kariyama Kofi Joseph, expressed frustration over the lack of response from authorities despite repeated complaints. He highlighted that the school’s enrollment has dwindled from 300 to 217, underscoring the urgent need for a new school structure to accommodate the Kindergarten and basic one and three classes.

“The issues began when the government took control of the school in 1992. Upon my transfer on January 16, 2013, my initial task was to organize a PTA meeting. I invited the DCE and the District Director of Education.

During the meeting, I highlighted the critical lack of modern infrastructure, furniture, and learning materials, leading to parents withdrawing their children to better-equipped nearby schools.

The DCE assured immediate action, but since February of the preceding year, there has been no progress. Despite inquiries, he provides reassurances without tangible results” the head teacher said.

Source: Simon Unyan N/R Content Manager


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