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Mx24 TV: Cross It Out Campaign hits Aburi Girls SHS

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Cross It Out, an Mx24 Television Breast Cancer Awareness campaign targeted at young adults in Senior High and Tertiary institutions, will make a stop at the Aburi Girls Senior High School in the Eastern Region to educate and entertain learners of the school.

The impactful event will have powerful speakers, facilitators and entertainers to help cross out the risk, fear and stigma of breast cancer among participants.

Some of the speakers include Akosua Nana Lexis O. Opoku Agayemang, a seasoned Brand Consultant and Life Coach and Dr. Hectoria Awekeya, Acting Deputy Director of Clinical Care, Eastern Region.

Participants can expect heartwarming performances from Lynx Entertainment queen, Maya Blu and the ever babbling- Lali and Lola.

The Bubble Gum Divas are also on board to make the outreach a memorable one.

The campus of Aburi Girls will blossom with the presence of outstanding presenters and producers of MX24 Television including: Emefa Adeti and Godwin Namboh of the AM Club, Chichi – Host of Foodie Friday, Oforiwaa- Host of The Dish and many others.

The event promises to be very educative and above all fun-packed.


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