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Lom Nuku Ahlijah writes: A Celebration of Dr. William Amuna, Former CEO of GRIDCo


I commend Dr. Amuna, the esteemed former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) not only as a distinguished leader and mentor but also a luminary whose profound impact on the energy sector is undeniable.

The Kwame  Nkrumah University of science and Technology (KNUST) on November 24, 2023 conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree on William Amuna as a testament to his exceptional contributions, further enriching the multifaceted legacy of a visionary whose influence extends far beyond the confines of boardrooms

For those fortunate enough to meet Mr. Amuna in person, his impact is immeasurable. A graduate of Navrongo Secondary School, Ghana Secondary Technical School, and the KNUST, he embodies dedication, resilience, and visionary leadership.

His ascent from a KNUST student to the pinnacle of the energy sector showcases not only technical prowess but also resilience in navigating the complexities of leadership.

Under his mentorship at the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), the company made significant achievements. It was not just about making decisions but fostering an environment where every individual’s potential was recognized and nurtured. His strategic vision as CEO not only kept the lights on across the nation but also illuminated the path for countless professionals aspiring to make a difference.


Dr. Amuna’s thirst for knowledge is evident in his foray into postgraduate studies at prestigious institutions such as the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, the United Nations University and Penn State University.

His involvement in various organizations, from the Electricity Market Oversight Panel to the Ghana Institution of Engineers, showcased not only technical expertise but also commitment to shaping a sector that serves the greater good.


In a remarkable convergence of his leadership legacy and literary contributions, Dr. Amuna graciously wrote the foreword to my recent book “Energy Law and Policy: Electricity.” This scholarly work is a testament to his enduring commitment to advancing the discourse around energy policies and regulations.

Being a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a fellow of the Ghana Institution of Engineers, Dr. Amuna exemplifies the heights one can reach through passion, dedication, and continuous learning.

The conferment of the Honorary Doctorate Degree by KNUST is a fitting compliment to a person whose influence extends beyond academia and organizations. It is a celebration of a leader who has not only shaped Ghana’s energy landscape but has also played an instrumental role in guiding future leaders through the pages of literature.

This article stands as a token of gratitude to Dr. Amuna – a mentor, a visionary, and the architect of success for so many. Continue to inspire the next generation of leaders of our great nation.


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