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District Level Elections: aspirant optimistic of victory


Voting is underway at the electoral polling stations in the Northern Regional Capital Tamale. At most polling stations turnout is impressive as many electorates are out in their numbers seeking to cast their ballot.

Kalpohini Estate – Low-Cost Electoral Area and Kalpohini Electoral Areas are witnessing a significant turnout.

Meanwhile, some of the aspirants are optimistic about a resounding victory at the end of the process. One of such candidates is Isahaku Aminu (A.K.A. Black Arrow) who said he is confident that he will emerge victorious at the Kalpohin Electoral Area and represent his people.

“Team Black Arrow is winning this election because we have the people and these people you are seeing here are going to vote for me. My opponents have no people and that’s why I am confident of my victory” he said.

Mr. Aminu however expressed satisfaction with the turnout in his electoral area and called on the people in the area to come out in their numbers and cast their vote.

“As for the turnout, we don’t have a problem here, you can see that everybody is here, my appeal is that they should exercise patience and come more to cast their ballot and at the end of the day peace will prevail,” he said.

Source: Simon Unyan, Northern Region.


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