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CSOs are critical partners in preventing violent conflicts – Kan Dapaah


Minister of National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah has said the ministry has recognized the critical role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in shaping the security landscape of the country. The minister noted that community engagements, researches and public sensitization by these CSOs, complement the kinetic approaches of the ministry in dealing with violence extremism and internal tensions.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ghana chapter of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC), Hon. Kan-Dapaah stated that Government as a sole entity is unable to prevent violent conflict in the country. He said the country is faced with a dual challenge of fighting terrorism and violence extremism which has spread throughout the West African Sub Region and internal conflicts due to land and chieftaincy disagreements.

He further opined that the inauguration of GPPAC in Ghana, was timely and a significant development in dealing with many of the conflict crises the country faces.
Hon. Kan-Dapaah insists that the government of Ghana recognizes the imperative of ensuring inclusivity, equitable distribution of national resources and better financial management systems in safeguarding national stability. He called on CSOs to continue to support government in developing policies and strategies to ensure peaceful co-existence among the Ghanaian people.

“this is why the Ghana National Security Strategy acknowledges the role of government and role of society approach. In embracing the role of society approach, the ministry of National Security of Ghana sees Civil Society Organizations as critical partners in preventing violent conflicts, more kinetic measures such as community and stakeholder engagements, research to enhance our understanding of conflict dynamics complements the kinetic approaches adopted by the state in contributing to achieving national and societal cohesion” he noted

Deputy Executive Director of Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCG), Rodger Allotey explained that GPPAC is a coagulation of hundreds of civil society organisations from around the world with massive dedication to conflict prevention and peace-building.

He said the  Ghana Chapter consists of twenty five (25) major Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s), Researchers and Strategists  working in the conflict prevention and peace building sectors of the country, spearheaded by the Human Security Research Centre Ghana (HSRCG).

He noted that the group will work to prevent arm conflicts and violence extremism in the country thereby helping all persons to coexist in peace, not only in Ghana but the whole of West Africa.

He said the group will ensure that all activities that are employed by other member countries to enhance peace will be replicated in Ghana, before, during and after the 2024 general elections, so all persons live in peace and harmony.

The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) is a global network led by civil society organizations (CSOs) actively working to prevent violent conflict and build more peaceful societies.

The network consists of 15 regional networks, with priorities and agendas specific to their environment. Each region is represented in the International Steering Group, which jointly determines the global agenda and approach.

Some of the members of the group who spoke to mx24online.com, expressed optimism about the prospects and platform that GPPAC presents and pledged their full commitment to the activities of the group.





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