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A/R: The Brother’s Foundation makes significant impact in Amansie South with massive donations to schools


The Brother’s Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Ghana, has made a substantial contribution to education in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti Region.

The organization distributed a variety of learning materials, valued at millions of cedis, to three schools in the district.

Approximately 400 students from the Domeabra D/A Primary and JHS, as well as the Pakyi Primary schools, were the beneficiaries of the initiative.

The donated items included dual desks, books, pens, pencils, sanitary pads, mathematical sets, set of jerseys, footballs, a laptop, and various other essential supplies.

The Amansie South District has been facing significant challenges in providing adequate resources for effective teaching and learning, exacerbating the difficulties faced by schools in the area.

The Brother’s Foundation, which has been active in Ghana for the past three years, recognized the pressing need to alleviate the hardships experienced by these schools.

The organization’s donation was specifically timed to address the challenges faced by these underprivileged schools, particularly during the Easter period.

Gideon Agyemang, Chairman of the group, noted that the initiative was aimed at alleviating the struggles of underprivileged schools and enhance academic excellence.

He expressed concern over the plight of many school children who struggle to attend school due to the lack of basic learning materials, motivating the organization’s decision to provide the support.

Awli-Ahianu Elikplim Raphael, General Secretary of the group, mentioned that more than 1,200 students have benefited from the project in the Ashanti Region over the past three years.

He underscored the need to address the challenges of schools in vulnerable communities to foster the academic performance of the students.

He urged philanthropic individuals and organizations to support the initiative of the foundation in order to help them expand their scope to other parts of the country.

The District Chief Executive for the area, Clement Opoku Gyamfi, who is also a member of the group, explained the necessity of extending philanthropic gestures to these deprived communities.

He noted that the communities face various challenges, including lack of electricity, poor roads, limited network connectivity, and insufficient school learning materials, which cannot be fully addressed by the government alone, therefore the group’s support was crucial.

While commending the foundation, the DCE urged other associations and organizations to emulate the initiative of the Brother’s Foundation to help in developing underprivileged communities.

The teachers and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) of the various schools expressed their gratitude to the foundation for its support, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on the academic development of the children.


The school children, whose faces were filled with smiles, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the foundation for its generous gesture.

The Girl’s Prefect of the Domeabra D/A JHS, Olivia Tetteh, particularly emphasized the significance of the donated sanitary pads, noting that they would greatly benefit the female students.


She said the price of a sanitary pad in the area is about GHS20, which many students cannot afford, hence the donation would lessen the financial burden and prevent girls from resorting to desperate measures to obtain these essential products and other school learning materials.


Credit. Fatawu Bayaga, Ashanti Regional Content Manager


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