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Netflix serves up Adire, Dinner, Merry Men 3 For January delights


Netflix is set to entertain consumers with a lineup of new Nollywood movies and various genres, including drama, romance, action, and documentaries.

Adire, one of the featured movies, narrates the story of a sex worker turned entrepreneur, played by the sultry Kehinde Bankole.

She moves to a small town and starts her lingerie business, which leads to conflicts with a preacher’s wife. The movie premiered on Netflix on January 12th.

The latest installment of the Merry Men franchise, Merry Men 3: Nemesis, revolves around a group of affluent men seeking vengeance for a tragic death they believe someone is responsible for. It is scheduled to be available on Netflix from January 18th.

Additionally, another movie, Dinner, is set to stream on January 24th.

Dinner unfolds the story of two old friends and their partners gathering for a celebratory meal, revealing secrets that jeopardize both relationships.

Other movies include Good Grief, featuring a rivetist grieving his beloved writer husband, streaming since January 5th.

Alexander the Great will be available on Netflix from January 31st, exploring the conqueror’s life through expert interviews and gripping reenactments.

Already streaming are Ijogbon, The Black Book, The One For Sarah, and The Rise of Igbinogun.


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