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Ghanaian-born German makes it to the finals of Miss Germany Contest


Adwoa Tima Awuah, a 22-year-old masters student majoring in clinical psychology and psychotherapy in Germany has made it to the finals of the prestigious awards show for social impact Miss Germany. Since 2021 Miss Germany has evolved from the classic beauty contest to an award for women who take up responsibility in society and want to embark on various projects to improve the German community.

The Ghanaian-born-and-raised German is the founder of the Yemiyiefo Foundation, a social project in Ghana that aims to help young girls in rural areas complete JHS and begin SHS. Since the foundation of the project in 2021, the Yemiyiefo foundation has been able to provide 15 full scholarships as well as wide scale workshops reaching over 1000 junior high school students in eastern and central Ghana.

Currently, the young lady is embarking on a mission to improve the livelihoods of African immigrants in Germany by providing psychosocial services that aim to aid the integration of migrants into the German society.

With this project, Adwoa has made it to the final 10 of the Miss Germany competition as the youngest and only black candidate. The final is to take place on the 24th of February at Europapark, Germany.


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